What Are The Most Popular Kinds Of British Candy?

By September 23, 2020Food & Sweets, General
British candy

Nothing beats British candy. Many people prefer it to Australian and American sweets and have fond memories of growing up on a plethora of colorful and tasty sweets. British candy is beloved by many and evokes strong nostalgia for many people who grew up on it. Lots of people love their chocolates because they melt in your mouth and low their hard sweets and toffee. British candy is the perfect option for satisfying your sweet tooth, so read on below to find out about some of the favorites that many people know and love.


The Lion bar

Lion bars by Nestle are a big favorite amongst consumers. They burst with crunchy, chocolatey flavor thanks to the caramel and biscuit layers and outer shell of chocolate-covered rice crispies. They taste delicious and are a popular favorite amongst many British candy lovers.



Maltesers are a must-have. These little sphere-shaped malt balls are covered in a light layer of chocolate and are very popular amongst those who love malt flavors. If you’re not a fan of malt however than these can be a little too much. They’re the perfect British candy for a trip to the movies.


Double Decker’s

The double-decker comes with crispy cereal and nougat layers and a marshmallow inside which makes it a big favorite for people who love the texture. It gets its name from the famous double-decker buses in London and is an iconic British candy.



Flakes are a must for people who like soft, gentle textures. These chocolate bars are made up of soft layers of flakey chocolate and are popular for use as a dessert or ice cream topping.



Popular for their unique aerated center and light texture, Aero’s are the perfect chocolate for people who love less heavy sweets and like the idea of eating the chocolate version of a fizzy drink.


Dairy Milk

Cadbury is famous when it comes to British candy. Their chocolate is known for its milky taste and texture and the simple dairy milk treat is a classic and a long time favorite for many. This is great for people who don’t like overly complicated or complex flavors, just simple, good chocolate.



If you love honeycomb then the Crunchie is definitely the way to go. A honeycomb center is surrounded by a gentle and delicious layer of chocolate. Great for people who love a lot of crunch and flavor in their chocolate. Honeycomb flavors are very unusual in the United States so this is a strong signifier of the UK and their different tastes.


Jelly Babies

Jelly babies are very popular in the UK. Not a chocolate but similar to gummy bears they are great for people who love sugar and jelly textures. They come in many different flavors and usually coated in sugar.


Galaxy Caramel

This caramel chocolate is filled to the brim with caramel and is often compared to caramels that are sold in Australia and the United States.



Snowballs are chocolate covered marshmallows that are covered in coconut. They are a favorite amongst many kids or people who love a lot of marshmallows in their chocolate.


Turkish delight

Turkish delights are another British candy that is beloved by many and available in Australia. The chocolates have a jelly center that is coated lightly in chocolate, inspired by the classic Turkish dessert.


There are many other classic favorites but these are just a few that sit close to the hearts of many from the UK. If you didn’t grow up with them then they are well worth trying.