The complete guide to Russian volume and if you should use it

By December 15, 2021Main
The complete guide to Russian volume and if you should use it

The eyelash extension industry has blown up in recent years, with women across the world utilizing these tools to ensure a full eyeliner and makeup look 24/7 at all hours of the day. While the practice has been used typically in modern times, it has a rich history which goes back decades. While there are many different variants of eyelash extension, undoubtedly the most popular is the Russian volume eyelash extension. This style of eyelash extension also has its own rich history and has been used throughout history as a means of beauty enhancement. If you are just getting started in the eyelash extension industry and want to know if Russian volume extensions would suit you best, or possibly a different variant, then it is important to do your research. There are different lengths, thickness sizes, techniques and so on. While all this may seem overwhelming at first, with enough research and understanding, you will be able to make the right choice.

Here is the complete guide to Russian volume and if you should use it.

The history

The history of Russian volume eyelash extensions is rich, and involves a number of talented artists who decided to create their own style, unique from the rest. Russian volume lash technicians are known for their meticulous nature, and their painstaking attention to detail which is what makes their lash products so unique and stylish. Whilst the rest of the world was only using one technique, the classic lash technique, to apply their beauty enhancements, our eastern European friends were developing their own method. This method involved manually creating lash products using small amounts of mink lashes, which are placed onto the base of the natural eyelashes. This method differs from the rest, and creates a beautiful end product for the wearer.

What makes them different?

Russian volume

Russian volume lashes are unique from the rest for a number of reasons. They are typically much lighter than other lashes, and its fan usually wraps around the natural lash, in contrast to other methods. Russian volume lashes are made from the same synthetic fibers as the classic mink lash products, but the technique used needs very thin extensions, around 0.03-0.07mm in thickness. Because of the lightweight nature of the lashes, it is possible to apply more to a natural lash, giving a much thicker overall look. Furthermore, they last much longer than classic eyelash extensions, retaining their position for around 4-6 weeks.

Who do they suit best?

Russian volume extensions suit people who have very thin and/or brittle eyelashes. This is because they can give a thick and full look to your eyelashes, and for those who struggle with thin eyelashes will benefit the most from this. They can achieve a naturally healthy look for their eyelashes which can help to accentuate the rest of their facial features. People with already thick eyelashes may create an overdone look with Russian volume extensions, and you obviously do not want this. The use of these eyelash extensions really gives off a glamorous, beauty look which is hard to replicate. With a good enough beauty technician, anyone can enjoy these extensions.

Overall, Russian volume extensions have a steep history starting in Eastern Europe, in which a new method of eyelash extensions was developed. They differ from the rest in that they are much thinner and can last much longer. They give off a thick and full look, and works best for people with thin and brittle eyelashes. For some of the best beauty enhancements you can get in the world, look to Russian volume extensions.