Pros And Cons Of A Queen Wall Bed

By December 11, 2020Beds
Modern bedroom with a queen wall bed

With the cost of homes rising and space shrinking it’s become more and more vital to make use of every spare bit of space in your home – especially when it comes to apartment living in the city. A lot of rooms now play multifunctional purposes, your home office for instance may be used as your guest room, or you might make your bedroom play double duty with an area for hobbies or perhaps it’s even your living room. So you’re probably wondering how you can possibly use these spaces for sleeping with our impacting on the function of the room or seriously limiting the space you have available. How can you possible find the space when you’re already trying to fit other large furniture items like desks or sofas into your space? Well the answer is a queen wall bed!

A quality queen wall bed is a much better solution then shoving a tiny single mattress in your office, or down in your basement. It’s the perfect way to create a dedicated sleeping space without the need for having bedding take up all the room in your home on a daily basis. Queen wall beds have become a popular solution for many people, here are a few advantages you should consider before adding one to your home.

A queen wall bed takes up less space

Compared to a sofa or a guest mattress, a queen wall bed will take up considerably less space. When you’re not using them they will tuck easily away on the wall. When you need to use them simply fold them down and there you go! This is a great way to save space and keep your floor clear throughout the day.

They’re more comfortable

A queen wall bed will come with a much larger and much thicker mattress than you might use if you’re asking guests to sleep on the sofa or a mattress that you hide under the couch or in your spare room. Will a queen wall bed they’ll be off the ground and able to get a comfortable night’s sleep on a good quality mattress.

They can double as a home office space

Some murphy bedding solutions will have desks built in to them which is perfect if you need a space to double as both a bedroom and a home office space. During the day you’ll be able to get some study done and then during the night you’ll be able to pull out your comfy murphy bedding solution and get some quality shut eye.

They’re quicker and easier

Instead of having to drag out cushions and make up the sofa every time you have friends or family stay over, you’ll be able to simply put them on a made up murphy mattress and frame. All the pillows and cushion simply fold up in storage when you’re not using the bed, so they’re there ready to use when you need them.

They can double as a storage unit

Queen wall bed

If you’re using your home office space as a sometimes guest bedroom, then it’s possible to use a murphy bedding solution as another area for office storage. Many designs come with built in drawers and cabinetry so you can store office supplies without needing to purchase new bulky drawers. You’ll get a nice seamless look in your home instead.

Sometimes they come with lighting

If you want to add some lighting to your space then a queen wall bed is a great idea as many of them come with LED lighting and can really brighten up a bedroom.