How Self Inking Stamps Can Help You Level Up Your Craft Game

By January 3, 2022Main
How Self Inking Stamps Can Help You Level Up Your Craft Game

Self inking stamps are a crafters best friend and an essential item in any craft kit. Don’t believe us? You will by the end of this article. If you’ve avoiding working with this medium due to the clutter of dye pads and messy application, or perhaps you don’t think you can get things just right due to uneven colouring and missed spots, self inking stamps are the answer to your problems.

More Intricate Designs

One of the biggest benefits of self inking stamps is that they allow you to craft far more intricate designs. When everything is contained in a single unit, the risk of smudging is greatly reduced allowing manufacturers to get creative with the designs they present. This, in turn, allows you to create nearly anything you can dream of, especially since it’s much easier to layer imprints with self inking stamps than it is with their traditional counterparts.

Cleaner Application

Self inking stamps

As noted above, there is far less risk of smudging with self inking stamps but that isn’t the only reason that they provide cleaner application. Not only will each individual line and design aspect be crisper, but it’s also a lot easier to get an accurate application when you’re making your imprint. This is thanks to the streamlined process and means that you can make better use of your canvas and the medium. Plus, self inking stamps are also cleaner in the sense that you don’t have to worry about getting colour all over your hands or other items and there’s no washing up to do following application.

More Even Colour Spread

Self inking stamps are also far better at getting an even colour spread as you don’t need to apply the dye from a separate pad. This ensures that all parts of the design actually apply and means that you’ll be able to avoid missing patches or having bits that are darker than others.

Consistency Across Designs

Another great benefit of self inking stamps is that they allow for greater consistency across designs. Thanks to the above mentioned perks such as their cleaner, crisper application and more even pigment spread, you can create more than one copy of a piece with far greater consistency than you would get with traditional tools. While there will always be slight variances in handmade goods, this allows you to replicate designs quickly and easily for sale or any other purpose for which you need multiple of the same design.

Easier To Organise

Finally, for those of you who avoid working with this medium because it’s simply too messy to store, self inking stamps eliminate this issue. Because they contain their own pigment the need to have messy colour pads no longer exists and you will never again have to worry about not getting your tool completely clean and then having pigment get all over everything else in your craft box.

Crafting is great fun and it can also provide a source of income if you choose to share your creations with the world. Many crafters, however, stick to certain mediums that they have used previously and are completely comfortable with. While there is nothing wrong with this, it does limit your creativity if you can only use specific methods. Self inking stamps open up a world of possibilities for those who have previously avoided this medium, and we really do think that they’re a crafters best friend, hopefully you can now see why and we wish you success with your imprinting adventures if you’ve now decided to give them a go.